Ontario Road Builders’ Association
The Road House
365 Brunel Road, Unit #1
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Z5
Telephone: 905-507-1107
Fax: 905-890-8122
Email: info@orba.org
Website: www.orba.org 

Michael McSweeney
Chief Executive Officer
Email: michael.mcsweeney@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1510

Michael is the principal professional in the organization and as such is responsible for its staff. He is also responsible for the development and execution of tactical and operational plans, overall responsibility for budgeting and financial administration, policy and stakeholder relations, government relations, marketing and communications programs, member retention and growth and the execution of successful events and education programs. He and the Director of Policy and Stakeholder Relations play an instrumental role providing advocacy for both ORBA and OAPC. Michael works closely with the President, the Executive Committee and the Board in the development and execution of ORBA’s Strategic Plan; providing both strategic and operational direction. He advises the Board and operating committees on the prioritization and implementation of policy directives and industry issues, expedites decisions made by the Board and ensures that they are aligned with ORBA’s overall objectives.

Andrew Hurd
Director, Policy & Stakeholder Relations
Email: andrew.hurd@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1514

Andrew is responsible for managing policy and stakeholder relationships for ORBA.  Having served as a senior advisor to the premier of Ontario and several cabinet ministers, Andrew brings a wealth of provincial government experience to the position.  He has extensive knowledge of transportation infrastructure policy files, communications, issues management and political decision-making.  Andrew liaises with the provincial and federal governments, municipalities and other associations to facilitate road infrastructure policy proposals and development.  Andrew works closely with the CEO, the ORBA Board of Directors and Committee Members.  He is a member of the ORBA Advocacy Group, which is made up of the President, the Vice-President, the CEO and the Director.   Andrew is the Senior Director in the office and as such acts on behalf of the CEO in his absence.  

Doubra Charles Ambaiowei
Director, Technical Services
Email: doubra.ambaiowei@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1511

Doubra has developed extensive and practical experience in asphalt research and technical studies, and pavement engineering consulting services. He works closely with OAP Council Chair and the Council members.  His work specifically supports all technical requirements to promote the quality use of hot mix asphalt, and all other road building materials and construction best practices in general. He has co-authored several papers, and is involved with consultations, training and service delivery geared towards promoting the growth of Ontario’s transportation infrastructure industry. 

Xin Chen
Head of Finance

Email: xin.chen@orba.org| Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1517

Xin is responsible for administering the day-to-day internal finances, human resources and general administration for the ORBA operations, including those related to the OAPC.  She ensures proper functioning of all financial processes, including accounting functions and works with the CEO in the preparation of the budgets and financial reporting requirements for both ORBA and OAPC.  She plays an instrumental role with the CEO in preparing annual budgets and the prepares the monthly P&L’s for the CEO, the quarterly financial reports for the ORBA Audit Committee, the ORBA Board of Directors and the OAP Council.  Xin is also responsible for all of the human resources functions for ORBA. 

Simarpreet Kaur
Manager Human Resources, Governance and Administration

Email: simarpreet.kaur@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1519

Simarpreet helps the Human Resources department, overseeing the entire employee lifecycle. Her responsibilities span from managing employee benefits to nurturing employee relations, ensuring a positive and supportive work environment for all. Working under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Simm provides senior professional administrative support for the Association’s senior governance bodies, including the ORBA Board of Directors, the OAP Council and the Office of the Chief Executive Officer. She is responsible for preparing meeting materials and agendas for Board meetings, recording minutes and providing the necessary follow up respective to meetings.  She also arranges meetings with government stakeholders and various committees. As required, Simm provides senior administrative support, preparing correspondence, maintaining schedules and planning travel itineraries for the President of ORBA, Chair of OAPC and the Chief Executive Officer. 

Guru Missar
Marketing & Communications
Email: guru.missar@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107

Guru has spent years in the non-profit industry creating and implementing marketing strategies that engage audiences. With a background in both political science and marketing communications, Guru leverages his knowledge and expertise to grow the association’s various brands and disseminate key messaging to all stakeholders. 

Jasvinder Singh
Director, Events & Membership
Email: jasvinder.singh@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1512

Jasvinder holds the position as the Director of Events and Membership, spearheading the orchestration and execution of all events. Her duties encompass overseeing sponsorship and exhibitor packages for all ORBA and OAPC events and activities, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all participants. Additionally, she has the responsibility of developing and administering the ORBA Road Building Academy, exhibiting her versatile skill set in event planning, member services, and education.

Abhinav Gupta
Senior Manager Events and Membership Services
Email: abhinav.gupta@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 1509

Abhinav carries out an integral role in managing membership services. His duties encompass the recruiting of new members, streamlining the renewal process, and fostering robust member relations. Additionally, he safeguards that all OBRA members receive exclusive industry discounts and offers via the OBRAdvantage program. Abhinav further contributes to the operation of the Driver License Status Check Program (DLSC), demonstrating his versatile skill set in events, membership services and administration.