Since 1927, ORBA has been the voice of the road building industry. We are grateful to have a history of exceptional leadership spanning over nine decades. Please see below for a full list of our past presidents.

Kevin Machej, Dufferin Construction Company – 2022
Rock-Anthony Coco, Coco Group – 2021
James McVeety, The Miller Group2020

Steve Smith – 2019
Marlene Yakabuski, Bot Construction Ltd.2018
Geoffrey Stephens, Capital Paving Inc.2017
Allan West, K.J. Beamish Construction Co. Ltd.2016
Blair McArthur, Miller Paving Ltd.2015
Ron Tomlinson, R.W. Tomlinson Ltd.2014
John Blake, Norjohn Contracting and Paving Ltd.2013
Jim Hurst, Steed and Evans Ltd.2012
Alfredo Maggio, Graham Bros. Construction Ltd.2011
Paul Quinless, Carillion Canada Inc.2010

Tom O’Callaghan, Fowler Construction Co. Ltd.2009
Martin Gran, Pioneer Construction Inc.2008
Regan Cox, Cox Construction Ltd.2007
Terry Willms, Georgian Aggregates & Construction Inc.2006
Doug Leslie, K.J. Beamish Construction Co. Ltd. – 2005
Mark Rivett, Lafarge Canada Inc.2004
Peter Watson, Huron Construction Ltd.2003
Steve Cruickshank, Cruickshank Construction Ltd.2002
David Semley, Hard Rock Paving Company Ltd.2001
Lloyd Ferguson, Dufferin Construction Ltd.2000

Bill Tomlinson, Beaver Road Builders Ltd.1999
Stan Connelly, Looby Construction Ltd.1998
Bruce Flowers, Fowler Construction Co. Ltd.1997
Tim Seegmiller, E. & E. Seegmiller Ltd.1996
Brian Barrett, Steed and Evans Ltd.1995
Robert Taylor, McLean Taylor Construction Ltd.1994
*Gord Crandell, G.E. Crandell Construction1993
*L.K. Cruickshank, Cruickshank Construction Ltd.1992
J.D. Wallace, Pioneer Construction Inc.1991
*Leo McArthur, Miller Paving Ltd.1990

Dave Blenkarn, Allan G. Cook Ltd.1989
A.L. Smallman, Peter Kiewit Sons Co. Ltd.1988
H.R. Hunt, Wimpey Construction1987
Chuck Lawrence, Huron Construction Co. Ltd.1986
H.E. Seegmiller, E.& E. Seegmiller Ltd.1985
*D.R. Evans, Steed and Evans Ltd.1984
Robert Lowndes, Armbro Construction Ltd.1983
*B.S. Evans, Fowler Construction Co. Ltd.1982
*H.E. Macpherson, King Paving & Materials Ltd.1981
Colin West, Alnor Earthmoving Ltd.1980

*C.A. Boyd, H.J. MacFarland Construction1979
*R.T. Patterson, Warren Paving Ltd.1978
*W.M. Moran, Wimpey Construction1977
J.D. Moorhouse, Harnden & King Ltd. 1976
*Don Campbell, George W. Campbell Co.1975
D.A. Campbell, Disher-Farrand1974
W.C. Cole, C.A. Pitts Ltd.1973
*G. S. Coates, Fowler Construction Co. Ltd.1972
G.A. Seegmiller, E. & E. Seegmiller Ltd.1971
*M.D. Boyd, King Paving & Materials Ltd.1970

*W.A. Doherty, K.J. Beamish Construction Co. Ltd.1969
*H.C. Armstrong, Armbro Construction Ltd.1968
*F.G. Henderson, Pioneer Construction Inc.1967
*P.J. McNally, S. McNally & Sons Ltd.1966
*W.B. Bennett, Bennett Paving Ltd.1965
*O.J. Gaffney, John Gaffney Construction Co. Ltd.1964
R.T. Briggs, Curran & Briggs Ltd.1963
*H. McNamara, McNamara Construction1962
*R.G. Steed, Steed and Evans Ltd.1961
*R.J. Pitts, J.N. Pitts Ltd.1960

*J.B. Waterhouse, Warren Paving Ltd.1959
*J.W. Rayner, Rayner & Armstrong1958
*R.J. Merlo, Sterling Construction1957
*D.E. McQuigge, Peacock & McQuigge1953-1956
*T. Moffatt – 1952
*E. Birdsall, Standard Paving Ltd.1951
*T.D. Miller, Miller Paving Ltd.1950

*D.O. Johnson, Johnson Bros.1949
*D.H. Storms, Storms Construction1948
*T.N. Carter, Carter Construction1947
*L.A. Merloq, Sterling Construction – 1946
*C.H. Covey – 1945
*D.O. Johnson, Sr., Johnson Bros.1944
*F.J. Cross, Harbridge & Cross Ltd.1943
*H.E. Cope, Cope Construction1942
*F.T. Briggs, Curran & Briggs1941
*P.F. Law, Law Construction & Municipal Spray & Oil1940

*G.A. McNamara, McNamara Construction1939
*G.G. Robinson – 1938
*L.M. Jones – 1937
*I. Dibblee, Dibblee Construction Co.1936
*G.W. Rayner, Rayner Construction1935
*W.M. Barber, Barber Construction1934
*G.W. Porter, Porter Construction1933
*W.L. Dobbin, Dibblee Construction Co.1932
*W.W. King, King Paving & Materials Ltd.1931
*E.T. Davis – 1930

*H.T. Routly – 1929
*G.S. Grant – 1928
*J.D. Chick – 1927

(*) Deceased

For more information on ORBA, please visit our 2020-2021 Sourcebook.