ORBA Releases Early Tender Calls Advocacy Paper

In January 2017, ORBA released an Early Tender Calls Advocacy Paper. More information, along with a copy of the document can be found by clicking here.

Ontario has a short construction season. Road builders need to do a year’s worth of work in 8 or 9 months and that’s shortened to a measly 6 months in the northern part of the province. As such, it’s vitally important to have tenders for projects called as early in the year as possible. This would mean putting out an increasingly higher percentage of tenders in the winter months of January to March.

From a contractor perspective, early tender calls provides contractors the opportunity to, at the very minimum, plan for a base level of work for a coming season. This results in improved labour supply challenges and on the flip side helps avoid issues that are created where contractors try and finish projects before winter weather unexpectedly arrives.

From the public sector owner’s perspective, utilizing more early tender calls helps eliminate inefficiencies in the delivery of projects, improves quality and subsequently lowers the cost of construction services for taxpayers.

At ORBA’s 2016 Convention, MTO announced the rollout of 97 early tender calls for 2016. The approximate value of those early tender calls was $800 million.

2016 MTO Early Tenders Listing