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For 20 years the annual Partners in Quality seminars have been bringing together the best minds in the industry to engage in a conversation about what we have done and how we can improve to achieve quality. Additionally, the Partners in Quality seminars help to engage both road owners and industry to build a solid partnership.

We believe that the content of these seminars is so important that ORBA is offering the seminars free of charge to municipal agencies and MTO.  The ORBA/OAPC member fee is $50. This year’s program will present a unique opportunity for producer members and contractor representatives to get the latest industry information that will impact their work in 2019 and to meet face-to-face with local Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and municipal and consulting engineers.

Getting the right information at the right time paves the way for success.  Be sure to register today for the Partners in Quality Road Tour Seminars, which offer a once-in-a-year opportunity for members to meet owners and discuss ways to continue to improve Ontario’s number one choice in pavement, asphalt.