ORBA is committed to promoting its contractor members as ethical, professional and expert providers of services to the transportation infrastructure and road building industry. As an industry leader, ORBA fosters a business environment and marketplace with our members where quality, compliance, fairness and honesty are integral principles to abide by in all business relationships.


  • To promote open, fair, transparent and equitable procurement policies and procedures;
  • To work with Government and other stakeholders in advocating member positions on legislation, regulation and policies affecting our industry;
  • To cooperate fully with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) and other allied organizations to promote a strong accident prevention policy and sharing of best practices with a goal to eliminate the occurrence of injury and death to construction workers;
  • To monitor and communicate best practices pertaining to the environment;
  • To work with owners on specifications and standards advocating an industry perspective;
  • To maintain high professional standards in the transportation infrastructure industry;
  • To provide methods and means whereby individual members may avail themselves of the power of combined effort through the Association;
  • To promote cordial and cooperative relations between contractors and those with whom they deal or have contact within the transportation infrastructure industry;
  • To seek correction of injurious, discriminatory or unfair business methods practiced by or against transportation infrastructure contractors;
  • To place the business risks assumed by transportation infrastructure contractors as nearly as possible to the parties best suited to take on the risk;
  • To promote the use of standard construction documents and specifications for contracts and seek to minimize modifications thereto;
  • To increase economy and efficiency in the transportation infrastructure contracting industry;
  • To work with other Industry and Trade Associations to promote ethical practices throughout the construction industry;
  • To foster a strong education and apprenticeship program, and to encourage members to invest in the future of their company and the industry;
  • To do all such other things are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above.


  • To provide fair and safe working conditions;
  • To ensure that the owner receives a quality product, completed on schedule and in accordance with the contract undertaking;
  • To treat industry colleagues and consultants with respect and fairness;
  • To treat all quotations received from subcontractors and suppliers as confidential;
  • To honour their tendered price and the tendered prices of subcontractors and suppliers, unless the scope of work is changed, and to refrain from practices of “bid shopping,” and to discourage “bid peddling” by subtrades and suppliers;
  • To adhere to the tendering policies and procedures in CCA 29 “A Guide on Standard Contracting and Bidding Procedures” and CCDC 23 “A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Contracts”1;
  • To have in place, and abide by, appropriate safety and environmental programs;
  • To honour the terms of the contract with respect to subcontractors and suppliers;
  • To comply with all applicable legal and ethical obligations, including the acts, regulations, bylaws, rules and customs of the municipality, region, and province in which they function, work or conduct business;
  • To refrain from activities that might involve a conflict of interest;
  • To act as good corporate citizens through involvement in industry and community organizations;
  • To abide by the bylaws, policies, rules, requirements and procedures of ORBA, and will not knowingly engage or assist in any activities intended to compromise the integrity, reputation, property and/or legal right of ORBA;
  • To accurately, completely and truthfully represent mandatory (e.g. dues) and voluntary information to ORBA;
  • To cooperate with ORBA concerning the review of possible Code of Ethics violations, completely, consistent with applicable policies and requirements;
  • To ensure that all company principals and employees are aware of, and adhere to, this Code of Ethics.


  1. Canadian Construction Documents Committee. (2018). CCDC 23 – 2018 A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Contracts. Retrieved from http://www.ccdc.org/document/ccdc23/

For more information on ORBA’s Code of Ethics, contact Andrew Hurd at andrew.hurd@orba.org or use the below contact form. To report a breach/violation of these codes, please send your report to confidential@orba.org. Reports will be received and reviewed by the Chief Operating Officer in confidence.

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