ORBA strategically partners with many organizations/companies within the transportation infrastructure industry. The following are external committees/liaisons that ORBA has representation on:

Broader Construction Associations & Consultation Group (BCACG) – City of Toronto

Canadian Construction Association (CCA) / Civil Infrastructure Council

Civil Engineering Sector Labour-Management Health & Safety

Construction Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO)

Construction Employers Coalition – WSIB & Prevention (CEC)

IHSA Heavy Civil & Aggregate Advisory Council

Ontario College of Trades, Appointments Council

Ontario College of Trades, Construction Divisional Board

Ontario Construction Careers Alliance (OCCA)

Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) Committees

Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA)

Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance – College of Trades

Provincial Labour Management Health & Safety Committee (Section 21 CTTE)

Supplier Stakeholder Network – Public Works and Government Services Canada

WSIB Construction Industry Advisory Committee