Ontario Road Builders’ Association
The Road House
365 Brunel Road, Unit #1
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1Z5
Telephone: 905-507-1107
Fax: 905-890-8122
Email: info@orba.org
Website: www.orba.org 

Geoff Wilkinson
Chief Operating Officer
Email: geoff@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 224

Geoff Wilkinson leads the staff team and is accountable for the operations of ORBA ensuring operational work plans fulfill the association’s strategic goals and objectives. He is ex-officio on the Board of Directors and all ORBA committees, and sits on the Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) Advisory Committee, Aggregate Recycling Ontario (ARO), Ontario Construction Careers Alliance (OCCA), Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Civil Infrastructure Council and Industry Relations Committee. Geoff is the Chair of the Construction and Design and Alliance of Ontario (CDAO).

Vince Aurilio
Executive Director, Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council (OAPC)
Email: Vince@onasphalt.org | Telephone: (905) 507-3707 ext. 103

Vince Aurilio is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the OAPC as well as working directly with ORBA to develop and help manage operational work plans to meet the goals and objectives of the strategic plan. Vince also provides technical support to members on an as-needed basis. He is ex-officio on the ORBA Board of Directors and sits on the ORBA Hot Mix Committee, OAPC Marketing Committee, OAPC Plant & Paving Committee, OAPC/Ontario Good Road Association (OGRA) Liaison Committee and various other technical working groups.

Mala Singh
Marketing and Communications Manager
Email: mala@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 227

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and the OAPC Executive Director, Mala Singh is responsible for developing and executing the marketing and communications initiatives for both ORBA and OAPC to meet the strategic goals and objectives of the association. She is staff liaison for the Marketing and Plant & Paving committees. Mala oversees the production of all print and electronic magazines and newsletters as well as both OAPC and ORBA websites.

Karen Walker
Communications Coordinator
Email: karen@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 226

Karen Walker is responsible for a variety of communications vehicles at ORBA including internal announcements, media relations, Road Builder magazine, Information Highway e-newsletter and managing the website. She also oversees and coordinates the activities of the association’s committees. With over 25 active ORBA and OAPC committees, Karen works in collaboration with chairs of the committees to organize meeting dates, prepare agendas and take meeting minutes ensuring action items are completed. She also liaisons with external stakeholders on providing industry feedback on specifications and documents that impact the road building industry.

Princess Buni
Accounting and Office Coordinator
Email: princess@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 221

Princess Buni is responsible for coordinating, administrating and executing the day-to-day activities of the Accounting department in accordance with ORBA’s policies and practices. She prepares the financial statements and reports to the Audit Committee. She also oversees the overall maintenance of the office and IT-related projects.

Stacey-Lee Wright
Membership & Education Coordinator
Email: stacey@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 222

Stacey-Lee Wright assists in the development of member recruitment and retention programs and campaigns. Stacey is instrumental in supporting ORBA members through organizing the Road Building Academy continuing education portfolio, consisting of course research, instructor sourcing, job grant information, registration, enrollment and administration.

Saaliha Malik
Events Coordinator
Email: saaliha@orba.org | Telephone: (905) 507-1107 ext. 229

Saaliha Malik assists with carrying out sponsorship and exhibit programming and events. Saaliha is responsible for and manages the coordination of all facets of ORBA’s events including venue sourcing, speaker support, audio visual, signage, catering, décor and staging, event registration and event administration. If members are interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor, please contact Saaliha at her contact information above.

We are currently in the process of hiring the following positions:

Policy and Stakeholder Relations Director
During the hiring period for this role, Brian Messerschmidt is working with us as our Policy Consultant. Please contact Brian at brian@orba.org for policy-related feedback, issues or challenges.

Events and Education Manager

Technical Director, Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council (OAPC)
During the hiring period for this role, Vince Aurilio is the acting Technical Director. Please contact Vince at the information above for any asphalt-related technical feedback, issues or concerns.